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Justin Bieber Is Playing Cupid In A New Animated Musical

The pop star is joining the 'MythoVerse'

Just call Justin Bieber the god of love.

The pop superstar took a break from selfies with wife Hailey Bieber to post something a little different to his official Instagram account. With a simple snap, he teased his role in the upcoming animated musical Cupid.

The Biebs shared a portrait of a brooding, animated Cupid with majestic feathered wings. Though Cupid is facing away in the shot, it's clear the character is meant to resemble Bieber.

Justin has been confirmed to voice Cupid himself throughout the feature, which will follow the mythological story of Cupid and Psyche. This tale as old as time is meant to signify the first movie of the new cinematic universe called "MythoVerse," which will introduce various characters and stories pulled straight out of Greek and Roman mythology.

The original tale of Cupid and Psyche was a bit of a complex one. Psyche was said to be the second coming of the love goddess Venus, which offended the vain queen, as her worshipers fell for Psyche instead. Venus instead asked her son Cupid to shoot Psyche with an arrow so that she might fall in love with something ugly. The plan backfires, though, and Cupid scratches himself with his own arrow and falls in love with Psyche himself.

Thus commences a lengthy and convoluted story about Psyche and her being forced to marry a weird dragon-like creature, but actually getting with Cupid instead. It's all very strange, and that probably won't be what happens in this musical. But that's the gist of the original story, anyway.

At any rate, that's about all we know so far about what to expect from the movie. Hopefully Justin will see fit to post some additional teasers further down the line. It certainly sounds like an intriguing feature, at the very least.