Strictly Co-Parents: Will Teen Mom 2's Leah And Jeremy Really Stop Hooking Up?

The two had a much-needed conversation to finally DTR

Leah has questioned her romantic relationship with Jeremy all Teen Mom 2 season long, but she was comfortable saying "whatever happens happens." Now, during the Teen Mom 2finale, Addie's mom changed her tune when it came to that sentiment and wanted to "cut sh*t completely off" (aka cease their hookups).

"Your divorce [really made me] think about where I'm at with Jeremy," Leah told her sibling Victoria. "I do not want to go through that again."

Another factor: confusing Addie, who was actively rooting for her parents to be together again.

Leah and Jeremy were supposed to meet face-to-face, but there were multiple last-minute cancellations on on Jeremy's end (his grandfather was unexpectedly hospitalized and work commitments interfered), so ultimately they had to discuss the topic on the phone. And even though Leah was concerned Jeremy might want to reconcile, her former husband "agreed" with her when she suggested they end everything romantically and just be co-parents for their daughter. And even though this phrasing irritated Leah because he wasn't voicing how he truly felt, he insisted he felt the "same way" as his former wife.

"I don't want Addie all screwed up, and sh*t goes down and now we're in court," he offered, before stating he might be getting pulled over and had to stop chatting.

"It sounds like a total Jeremy thing of you," she concluded.

Will Leah and Jeremy stick to their decision to end the intimacy, or will they continue to hook up? Give your predictions, and do not miss Part 1 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion on Tuesday at 8/7c.