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Marshmello, Yungblud, And Blackbear Take The Battle To Boomers In 'Tongue Tied'

The trio face off against a evil force named the Silencers

Marshmello has released the video for his new collaboration with Yungblud, and Blackbear, "Tongue Tied," that might be the darkest version of a Baby Boomer-led future. It's a post-apocalyptic battle flick with insane production value that makes you wonder about a time period where freedom of speech doesn't exist.

At the same time, it also feels like the ultimate millennial/Gen Z fever dream where standing up to the elderly means to defy the establishment and save the day in a riot shield-crushing final battle.

"Tongue Tied" tells the story of Marshmello,Yungblud, and Blackbear — three revolutionary figures who are fighting the good fight for free speech. Their opposition is a group called the Silencers, a scary group of soldiers who "march under the distressed orders of the elders" and "round up and mute all those who cross their path," according to the narrator.

Yungblud is the spearhead of the youth's revolt and his closest partner is actress Joey King (Ramona And Beezus). When Yungblud gets captured by the Silencers, it's up to King and Blackbear to save him. After a climactic showdown that results in the youth's victory, Marshmello emerges as an even bigger figure that's pulling the strings, showing the world that the future is in good hands. Presumably, they'll take the fight to the Boomers next.

The song itself makes for the perfect accompaniment to the thrilling flick. The uptempo, jolting fusion of techno and hip-hop smoothly vibes throughout the video, adding a smoothness to the tension that carries it along perfectly. Yungblud screams with the white-hot anger about being unable to speak and how it feels ("I'm trapped outside, inside my mind") while Blackbear gets serious about how someone's switched up on him, shrugging off their attempts at reconciliation. Their contrasting styles make the song a compelling listen that contributes to this video being a boomer-bashing flick of epic proportions.

Check out the dystopian video for "Tongue Tied" up above.