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Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes’s ‘Lover’ Remix Is Valentine’s Day In A Song

'I think his take on it is so beautiful'

Taylor Swift enlisted the help of Shawn Mendes to bring an extra-sweet version of her track "Lover" to life.

The shimmering remix is a beautiful anthem that expands upon the original, with Shawn giving it his own flavor, complete with rewritten lyrics and plenty of falsetto. It was already a warm and cozy love song, but it's been beefed up considerably into something transcendentally romantic.

Taylor teased the song herself on early Wednesday (November 13) as featuring someone she had "always wanted to collaborate with" before revealing who she had recorded with in the same video: Shawn.

"He has taken 'Lover' and he has re-written parts of it, which I think is so important because I love him as a writer,"Swift said of the remix in a brief clip on her Instagram."And I also think that everybody would write a different love letter to their lover and I think his take on it is so beautiful."

Mendes weaves an incredible love story throughout the song, saying he'd "go down with the Titanic" for the "girl in his story."

"We could light a bunch of candles and dance around the kitchen baby," he croons, with glittery, romantic lyrics that really drive the song's message home. "Pictures of when we were young they hang on the wall / And we would sit on the stoop and I'll sing love songs to you when we're 80 / See I finally got you now, honey I won't let you fall."

Shawn later took to Twitter to thank Taylor for letting him join her on "such a beautiful song," clearly excited to have been part of the process.

The "Lover" remix is available to stream now across all major platforms, so you can listen to it all day long if you'd like. It may even help get you through the winter chill.