YouTube/Grace VanderWaal

Grace VanderWaal Loves You, But Doesn’t Like You In Her Emotional New Music Video

'I Don't Like You' is a sharp portrait from the 15-year-old

If you like Grace VanderWaal, get ready to absolutely love her. The 15-year-old singer-songwriter — who got her start by winning Season 11 of America's Got Talent in 2016 — just dropped the music video for her new single "I Don't Like You" today (November 12). And if you're someone who truly loves their significant other but doesn't always like them, well, this one's for you.

From the start, VanderWaal's video perfectly represents the chaos, confusion, and anger we often feel in relationships, particularly ones inundated with stubbornness, bickering, and constant arguments. In a style reminiscent of Sia's best videos, VanderWaal dances aimlessly about as she ponders whether or not the relationship is even worth fighting for. Wise beyond her years, VanderWaal shows that this video is more than just a form of expression for the teenager, but a careful cultivation of the type of artist she'd like to be known as in the future.

Nearly halfway through, VanderWaal appears on a couch, getting her hair braided by two clones of herself as she tries to decide how to move forward. "And every single thing you say is gonna start a new war," she sings before looking herself in the mirror. "And I'm exhausted from this tug of war of words." We've all been there, but more often than not we continue to put that person first.

It's hard to believe that with such deep-cutting lyrics (superstar songwriter Justin Tranter is listed as co-writer) and sharp visuals that VanderWaal is just 15. But while she might be a teenager, she's one who's keen on looking ahead. "I have such a clear vision of the art I want to start leaning towards," she told Now This in a recent interview. "I love seeing the visuals of artists, as well as the music and the lyrics and the performances and the set design and the photo shoots, and all of these things that go into making an artist who they are. I’m so interested in that and I'm so kind of sick of seeing the same thing."

Watch the "I Don't Like You" music video above, and catch it on mtvU and MTV Live today (November 12) as well.