You Season 2 Is Gift-Wrapping Creepy Joe For A Murderous Holiday Release

'Ready for a fresh start'

Ahh, the holiday season. What's more appropriate than hot cocoa, drifting snow, and a serial killer stalking your every move?

Okay, you don't have to worry about that last part in real life, thankfully. But you can welcome the return of one of the most unsettling dramas ever this December, as the ridiculously creepy You is finally returning to Netflix with new episodes.

The second season has finally been dated for release, and it'll be ready for you to binge on Netflix just in time to ring in the new year on December 26.

Joe himself (Penn Badgley) took to Twitter himself to make the announcement, saying he was "ready for a fresh start." His words included a short little teaser of Joe glaring into the camera. We're getting goosebumps already.

What's next for Joe and his uncomfortable stares and longing looks? Well, this season we'll see the addition of Love Quinn, an aspiring chef who will meet Joe and take a particular interest in him that will undoubtedly have nefarious implications. We'll also meet Henderson (Chris D'Elia), a comedian clad in black Ray-Bans who's set to play a world-weary hipsters well as the "highly intelligent" Will (Robin Lord Taylor).

Much of the season is set to play out in Los Angeles, as it will reflect the next entry in the book series (Hidden Bodies) and Joe finding himself absolutely disgusted by the culture there. He can't stand all the little things, like people drinking Diet Dr. Pepper or wearing their hair in a bun. Nice guy! It should be fun to see cultures clash as Joe struggles to make a life for himself in the west.

As for right now, be sure to mark your calendar for the show's next installments – and check out everything we know about Season 2 of You so far.