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Jacquees Wins In The Court Of Love In Soapy 'Fact Or Fiction' Video

'I honestly believe that's my best video I ever shot,' he tells MTV News

Relationships tend to end with raised voices and partners storming out of rooms with tears streaming down their faces. But what if it was all a little more civil and professional?

Jacquees — the Georgia-bred, self-anointed King of R&B (as his new album title declares) — answers this question in his soapy new video for "Fact or Fiction." The plot is simple: He sets up a legal battle with an ex about his infidelity. She just knows he's been up to no good, so the pair go to court to officially separate. But as Jacquees recently told MTV News, at the heart of the clip is something larger: "It's a video about fighting for your love."

The visual, airing all day on MTV channels today, is an admittedly cheesy yet completely endearing clip that ends right before they make up, but you just know that everything is going to be OK in the end. Over the course of its runtime, we see Jacquees repeatedly thrust into questionable, flirtatious situations. His ex, who wasn't around but probably heard a couple of rumors, believes that he was unfaithful to her.

"The video shows that I wasn't, so that's why she comes back at the end," he said in an interview that MTV News will roll out in full soon. Though it ends with him being found not guilty and a smile breaking across his face, we don't get to see the aftermath. It's possible that the newly reunited couple went out for a bite to eat, followed by the world's longest cuddling session.

Jacquees released his sophomore studio album, King Of R&B, today (November 8). It features artists like Young Thug, Summer Walker, and more. Take a look at his "Fact or Fiction" clip — the one he called "the best video I ever shot" — above.