First Look: Take A Tour Of The New MTV Floribama Shore Crib

The gang has left PCB and arrived in St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach has some new residents -- and their names are Aimee, Candace, Codi, Gus, Jeremiah, Kirk, Kortni and Nilsa.

Before the MTV Floribama Shore cast invades the Florida beach town TOMORROW, Nilsa, Candace and Codi are giving a tour of their brand-new digs. And while the house has a different feel from their PCB stomping grounds, some things won't change in their fresh habitat.

"This is our balcony where we talk really loud and kind of frustrate our neighbors," Nilsa screams from the aforementioned part of the dwelling.

What is the trio's favorite room in the residence? And where do they "thot and plot"? Check out the entire video to see more of the crib, and don't miss the premiere of MTV Floribama Shore tomorrow at 8/7c!