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Lizzo Gets Real About How Anxiety 'Fuels' Her As A Performer In First Vogue Cover

'When I get really, really anxious before a show, I just go harder and harder and harder'

Lizzo's been everywhere lately, and that includes the cover of British Vogue's December issue. The singer-rapper-flautist caught up with the fashion mag to chat not only about her music and self-love, but about living with anxiety. Because yes, she struggles with it, too.

When it comes to the "Good As Hell" singer, her anxiety manifests itself differently than most — and that's something she's open about. For her, that anxious feeling doesn't cause her to isolate or to be irritable. Instead, it pushes her to give her all during her live shows. "When I get really, really anxious before a show, I just go harder and harder and harder when I'm performing and I just go crazy,” she said.

As for why her anxiety tends to come out onstage in the form of epic performances, well, she's not so sure. However, she assumes it's because she needs a place to put all of her intense feelings and emotions. "I don't know why, but my anxiety sometimes fuels who I am as a performer and who I am as an artist — and I know that is not the case for everyone. I don't know if my body just, like, out of a desperate need to find a place for my anxiety or find a use for it, takes it and puts it there."

While it's certainly impressive that Lizzo is able to release her anxiety at her live shows, she's not sure how she would've handled her current lifestyle in her early twenties. "I think if I was 21 right now, I would not be able to maintain this lifestyle without having major anxiety and panic attacks," she said. But now, she puts self-love first, which is something that came with age. "Thank God, my journey is all about self-care and finding that love for yourself and nurturing yourself. Because that's what artists need more than anything."