Young And Pregnant Apology: Does Kiaya Deserve A Mea Culpa From X’Zayveon’s Mom?

The new mother refuses to let Carla see Amour until she says she's sorry

Kiaya and X’Zayveon's son Amour has arrived, but that doesn’t mean the drama between Kiaya and her baby daddy's mother has subsided.

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, X’Zayveon’s mom Carla got word via her son that the baby was born -- and swiftly “demanded to see Amour immediately."

But Kiaya wasn't ready to let Carla meet her grandson, especially since the latter still hadn’t apologized for getting physical with her twice -- or for suggesting Kiaya get an abortion when she first learned of the pregnancy news.

Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that Kiaya found out from her ex (who is still in jail) that Carla was planning to take her to court for grandparent's rights.

“The more stuff that she does is going to be worse on her behalf,” Kiaya told her sister. “I’m just going to keep adding it to the list. She could be mad by her lonesome. I’m done with her.”

Or so she thought, as she later received a collect call from X’Zayveon -- whose mom was sitting right beside him.

“I told you that I needed time. You’re just stirring up more drama between us than there should be,” she told her ex, before he handed off the phone to his mama, who Kiaya promptly ripped into. “Don’t make me out to be this bitter baby mama that I’m not!” she yelled. “The whole time I was pregnant, you did nothing but attack me. You made me feel like this baby should not have been in this world at all! That’s the reality.”

Kiaya concluded by saying that she wanted Carla “to put her pride aside and apologize,” but will such an apology ever come? Will Carla be the bigger person and say sorry, or is Kiaya being unreasonable and should she let Carla see the baby to avoid more drama? Tell us what you think, then keep watching Kiaya and co. Tuesdays at 9/8c.