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Trippie Redd Is Head Over Heels In 'Love Me More'

He's definitely the little spoon in this relationship

Trippie Redd is so drunk off of love in "Love Me More" that he's barely functioning, slurring his words, and seemingly in a trance. That's just in the song itself. He's released the video for the song as well that shows him infatuated with an exotic dancer so much that he's imagining a future with her on top of rooftops in distance cities. This somber, melodic ode makes you want to grip your partner as tight as you can.

The video starts off with Trippie wrapped in a tight embrace with a partner, then driving in the car with her throughout the city. He rests his head lovingly on her shoulder as she drives and makes us wonder if he's the little spoon and she's the big spoon when they lay down together and cuddle. Trippie loves his partner whole-heartedly and when we see her sliding down the pole entertaining an entire room, Trippie looks at her with empty eyes, wishing that the previous vision was a reality. It brings the song's focus to a real-life application; Trippie wants his prospective partner to love and appreciate him more. It ends on an uncertain note but we can hope that everything turns out right in the end. That way they can get into spooning positions later on.

"Love Me More" is the first single from Trippie's forthcoming project, A Love Letter To You 4, that is set to drop this month. He dropped his sophomore studio album, !, in August.

Watch Trippie's adorable relationship dream in "Love Me More" up above.