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Lizzo Was '100 Percent That Scary Ass Bitch' While Going Through A Haunted House

'It looks waaaay less scary than it was'

Lizzo didn't even have to take a DNA test to find out if she could handle this terrifying haunted house.

"We gonna rock this bitch," the singer stated, before she tackled a spooky attraction at Universal Studios for her Halloween-themed segment on The Ellen Show.

Paired up with Ellen correspondent Average Andy, Lizzo pumped herself up for the spooktacular event. But before Lizzo and Andy run into the house, they're already spooked by a costumed performer, which totally doesn't send the courageous vibes they were hoping to.

When they finally go in, the hilarity ensues. The pair keep a death grip on each other as they investigate every dark hallway, immediately suspicious of every single turn. They end up hugging to try and keep each other sane, screaming "Thank you Jesus!" Lizzo is just about 100% fed up with the situation later on, as she takes to straight up running through the attraction. Been there, girl.

Even after the segment went down, Lizzo took to Twitter to clock viewers who thought she might have been putting on a bit more fear than was necessary.

"It looks waaaay less scary than it was," she wrote. "Don’t get it twisted… w/out that light it was a nightmare.”

Still, it looks like Lizzo had a downright hilarious time as she challenged the haunted house. Meanwhile, she opted for a cheeky reference to her song "Truth Hurts" with a fun Halloween costume of her "DNA test," which you honestly just have to see.

Have you ever seen so many sequins on a DNA test before? Better yet, have you ever gotten instant results by way of a massive swab and a door opening up to reveal your results strewn across Lizzo's midsection with a sparkly bodysuit?

Really, is there anything Lizzo can't do at this point?