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Lil Peep's Long-Awaited Goth Angel Sinner Is Out Just In Time For Halloween

Three new tracks of sobbing guitars for the scariest day of the year

What's a better way to kick off Halloween than with some new music from Lil Peep's vault? For the spookiest day of the year, the late emo rapper's estate has released a new EP, Goth Angel Sinner. Originally announced in 2017 shortly before his death, the project finally arrives steeped in swamp fog in twilight.

At only three tracks, Goth Angel Sinner is brief. But it's heavy on the atmosphere, the mystique, and the rawness that has made Lil Peep a once-in-a-generation artist. "Moving On" is soft, guitar-stroked rock led by Peep's voice that imitates a crying phoenix destined to be reborn out of its dying ashes. He raps about his love for his styrofoam cup as if its someone that he's cuddled up with, watching a movie.

"Belgium" is similarly smooth and stripped; a pattern of rattling 808 drums bring some balance to screeching guitars in the song's latter half. He vocalizes about being extremely shitty to a partner, as if he's looking at the relationship from another perspective. Why is his partner still here? Why do they take this treatment? His to-the-point lyricism really makes the idea stick.

Then there's "When I Lie," the final tune that's submerged in a river of rippling bass drums and grows harder and more concrete as the song goes on. Peep follows a woman who "cuts" him when he lies and wants to inflict pain on people who try to save her. He tells the story with a mad glint in his eye that you can hear in his voice, as if he's reliving a couple of crazy situations. In the video for the song that also came out today, Peep sits at a table and looks like he's ready to take a nap. The camera angles, colors, and Peep's demeanor itself match the hazy intensity of the tune.

Check out Goth Angel Sinner up above.