FLETCHER's 'All Love' Video Is A Mix Of Butterflies, Emptiness, And Glitter Tears

She perfectly captures the dread of running into your ex

It's been two months since FLETCHER released her stellar debut EP, you ruined new york city for me, but its vulnerable songs still sting with every listen. Case in point: "All Love," one of that project's standout tracks, received the visual treatment on Tuesday (October 29), and it should come with a trigger warning for anyone who's experienced the torment of unexpectedly running into an ex.

That's exactly what happens to the "Undrunk" hitmaker in the Grant Spanier-directed vid, which illustrates a literal retelling of the song's lyrics. "When you walk in the bar with someone holding hands / Introduce me to her, say I'm just an old friend / And you ask how I've been / I say I'm doing fine but I'm fucking lying," the 25-year-old admits, as we see her cry glittery tears à la Euphoria. Some more conceptual shots — of butterflies, burning flowers, and shattered disco balls — fill out the vid, which comes to a rain-soaked climax when FLETCHER finally works up the courage to confront her ex. See how that plays out in the vid below.

In a statement about her new video, FLETCHER said, "I really wanted to capture the feeling of seeing your ex for the first time with someone new. It's a mix of butterflies, emptiness, your heart sinking and your stomach on fire all at the same time. At least that's what it felt like for me. I hated the feeling, but pretended like it was all love."

The "All Love" video comes after FLETCHER's recent Spotify Singles session, for which she recorded a cover of Post Malone's "I Fall Apart." Check that out right here.