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Logic Would Rather Have A Conversation With You Than Take A Pic On 'OCD'

He gets real about himself and the hold social media has over society

Logic's back with a relaxing groove of a new single, "OCD." It features Atlanta vocalist Dwn2earth and has a chilly, introspective vibe. Logic's looking into his mirror and being honest about the person that exists on the other side. You'll be surprised at the frank emotion and honesty that the rapper expresses. He asks the right questions about what really matters in the digital age and just how far we'll go to pop up on each other's social feeds.

"OCD" is an open cavern with ghostly voices floating and echoing through the halls. It begins with Dwn2earth, in his nostril-clearing voice, who handles the intro and the chorus in such a fresh way that you're already rocking your head before Logic even comes on. When the rapper does, he continues the mellow vibe by breaking out a ruler, putting on some reading glasses, and heading over to the chalkboard to take you to school. Today's topics are self-worth and balance. He doesn't mince words, letting you know that those are the only things that should matter to you.

Logic's second verse is a bit more interesting. Here, he lays the framework for what he believes to be society's biggest flaw: being more obsessed with likes, reposts, and engagement than having authentic experiences. Logic gives a hypothetical situation about a run-in with a fan who wants a picture without even saying hello; he declines immediately. "Let's have a conversation, talk about life man-to-man / You disappointed, I can read your body language like a paragraph," he raps, later doubling down on the fact that the experience is worth more than a few dozen likes on Instagram.

He then opens up about fame not being a cure for problems that you have. Logic's "1-800-273-8255" showed the world that he could handle strong topics like self-harm with a graceful touch; here he continues in this lane, building a beautiful, and necessary critique of what we hold dear today.

Listen to Logic get personal in "OCD" up above.