YouTube/Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott Has A House Made Of Hair In Mind-Blowing 'DripDemeanor' Video

Teyana Taylor makes a last-second cameo

At this point, what words can be used to describe the MTV Video Vanguard Award-winning Missy Elliott and her music? Creative, imaginative, and legendary are too easy and much too normal. She's constantly pushing the envelope with each song and video, always coming from left field no matter where she starts.

She opens a portal to a mysterious new dimension in her new video for "DripDemeanor." There, the weirdest fashion is the coolest, and clones of Missy are normal. It's quite the experience that should only be watched if you're familiar with the unfamiliar.

"DripDemeaor" features vocalist Sum1 who joins Missy in this darkly psychedelic trip. In large Mad-Max like post-apocalyptic outfits, Missy and Sum1 lead a group of dancers in an intimate routine. The sensual jam propels the sexy video that finds power in eccentricity. The next scene involves alien-like style in a dark parking garage that looks unlike anything in our dimension. Clones of Missy are situated around nearby steps for a creepy look at time travel.

It gets weirder from there. Sum1 takes refuge in a house inside Missy's hair while she sings, and then at the end, Teyana Taylor plays a museum guide teaching a kid about Missy's brilliance. There's a "To be continued" sign at the end, so presumably, this thread will be picked up again next time.

Missy performed songs like "Lose Control" and "Work It" at the 2019 VMAs during her career-spanning set before accepting the Video Vanguard Award. In August, she dropped the nostalgic video for "Throw It Back."

Watch the video for "DripDemeanor" up above.