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YBN Cordae And Anderson .Paak Are The Funkiest Basketball Players Of 1975 In 'RNP'

Jay Pharoah and Hannibal Buress make guest appearances

The year 1975 is at the center of YBN Cordae and Anderson .Paak's new period piece video for "RNP." Wearing Soul Train-esque wigs and (probably) paying homage to the over-the-top coolness of blaxploitation films like Shaft, the two rappers are New York City's finest basketball players that aren't in the NBA. They're also best friends who have each other's backs as they work to get out of a mysterious "game" and move onto better things.

They're funky! Far out! Groovy! Hopefully I'm saying these in the right context; using a 1970s slang dictionary is a lot harder than I first realized.

Saturday Night Live's favorite former impressionist Jay Pharoah is the first person that you see in "RNP" in an afro wig and terrible period fashion. He's the announcer of the YBN Summer Classic, a basketball game featuring some of NYC's best, including YBN Cordae and .Paak, or known by their names in the video, "Big Play" and "Sweet Shot" respectively. But aside from quick glimpses at their terrific ball-handling, we're not introduced to them until the next scene where they stop a robbery in progress. They're like Batman and Robin, only much more bitchin'.

The next day, they're kicking it like some jive time turkeys when they get the call for who they should save next: their basketball team's hineys. The team's losing by thirty points and Big Play and Sweet Shot are need there stat. Instead of rushing to the scene of the situation, the pair get some massages first. Only then do they head to the game. Groovy jump shots and gravity-defying layups define their contribution to the team's effort, ultimately culminating in a happy ending for everyone. The final scene shows Cordae informing a partner that he's out of the game for good. Whether it's basketball or something else, viewers are left to wonder.

"RNP" appears on YBN Cordae's debut studio album The Lost Boy that came out in July. The LP also features "Bad Idea" with Chance the Rapper.

Watch the funk-filled "RNP" video up above.