Young And Pregnant Bombshell: Brianna Doesn't Know The True Identity Of Her Baby Daddy

Meanwhile, she's on a quest to see her own father again

Brianna admitted to her therapist on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant that her son Braeson has “daddy issues” -- but the teen has some pretty serious “baby daddy issues” too.

During the session, Bri told her therapist that she didn’t want her son growing up “clinging” to every boyfriend she brought into their lives, much like she did with her mom’s beaus when she was a child. Brianna revealed she was largely estranged from her father and spoke to him last just after Braeson was born, but wanted to try and rekindle a relationship again. But this effort was for Braeson’s sake more than for her own.

Though the therapist was semi-supportive of her reaching out -- telling Bri to “suspend your expectations” -- her mom Jessica’s reaction wasn’t quite as positive.

“I worry about your expectations,” she said. “And I have zero faith that he is going to come through in any way for you.”

Shortly after Bri left an (as-of-yet unreturned) voicemail for Philip, her father, she got a message on Facebook from an old friend whom she hooked up with on her break from Danae; he claimed there was a chance that he could be Braeson’s biological father. And yes, Jessica was just as surprised by this bombshell as we were.

“It disturbs me that you were just having unprotected sex,” she told her daughter. “I thought you knew who the dad was but now it's like, ‘Oh there’s somebody else?’ I’m really shocked by this. It makes me worried about you and your self-worth.”

Bri admitted sleeping with her high school pal was “dumb,” but she planned to take a DNA test to find out the toddler’s paternity once and for all.

“I will die if he is the dad, because I was 100 percent sure he was not. And I still don’t think he is, but whatever,” she said.

Do you think the high school hookup is Brae’s dad? And will Brianna’s dad make an effort to be in his daughter’s and grandson’s lives? Share your predictions, then keep watching Young and Pregnant Tuesdays at 9/8c.