Young And Pregnant Peace: Can Bar Stay On Good Terms With Ashley And Her Family?

On this week's episode, Tea stepped in to make amends

Bar may have missed out on his daughter Holly’s first birthday party due to a then-recent altercation with Ashley, but he surely wasn’t going to let another of his baby’s milestones pass him by.

On this week’s installment of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Holly’s entire family -- baby daddy included -- reunited for the first time since the domestic dispute for the little one’s christening. Ashley deemed it important for Bar to be present and was confident that everyone could put their emotions aside for the toddler’s sake. And besides, “ain’t no funny business in the church,” right?

And just before the ceremony began, Ashley’s mom Pastor Tea (and stepdad Ted) took it upon herself to make good with her daughter’s off-again boyfriend.

"Whatever you guys decide to do, it really has nothing to do with me,” Tea began. “I just want to support Holly. I don’t want y'all to fight... I forgive, and I want to trust that you’re going to be good to her... it’ll come around full circle.”

After the festivities, Tea reflected on their conversation and seemed hopeful about what’s to come of their relationship. "There's no way we could’ve christened Holly without clearing the air," she told her daughter. “I don’t know where Bar and I and dad go from here, but I do know we want Bar to be a better man for his daughter and you.”

Ashley’s take? “I’m just letting everybody do what they want to do and hoping everybody acts right.”

Do you think this positivity will continue for Bar and Ashley’s family? Or will another situation set them back? Tell us your thoughts, then keep watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant every Tuesday night at 9/8c.