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Kristen Stewart Laughs At Noah Centineo's 'Handsome Nerd' In Charlie's Angels Trailer

Plus, more crime-fighting, explosions, and high-speed chases

With just over a month to go until the Charlie's Angels reboot hits theaters, people have been desperate to see more footage of the Angels kicking ass and taking names. Fortunately, a new trailer from the Elizabeth Banks-helmed film dropped today (October 11), and it features the movie's leads — Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska — day drinking, narrowly surviving explosions, and jumping out of airplanes.

The brand new trailer opens with a pressing phone call from Stan Bosley, played by Patrick Stewart. "You're in grave danger," he warns seconds before the building explodes. "Get out of there now!" Of course, all three ladies bounced back from the blast quickly, and the trio proceeded to bring the girl power we've been craving since the movie was first announced.

"I run a covert group of exceptional women," Banks's character, Susan Bosley, says as the three women try on different disguises and trick international criminals. "We work outside the rules, in secret, together. You may not know we exist, but we are always watching." And when Scott's character, Elena Houghlin, is offered the opportunity to join the group of badass, crime-fighting ladies, she simply can't turn it down. "Hell yeah," she says. "Give me my wings."

Unfortunately, joining the Angels isn't that easy (if it was, we'd all do it), and after witnessing Stewart, Balinska, and Banks's characters (Sabina Wilson, Jane Kano, and Susan Bosley, respectively) diving headfirst out of an airplane, Elena was tasked with landing the plane safely on the ground, which she's never done before — ever. Fast forward and we see even more of the trio's badassery, which includes hanging out of helicopters, shooting guns out of speeding vehicles, and breaking into science labs.

It's not all weapons and high-speed chases and explosions, though. Noah Centineo, who plays a science geek in the film, also appears briefly in the new trailer. And when Ella's character can't help but to get her flirt on, Stewart can't help but poke fun. "Jane, is that you flirting with a handsome nerd?" she asks through laughter, proving that they're more than just a trio of crime fighters, they're best friends. Scott's character says it best: "The best part isn't taking down international criminals. It's you guys."

The action-packed reboot of Charlie's Angels hits theaters on November 15.