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Priyanka Chopra Was 'Burnin' Up' During Her Hot Ones Challenge

'He almost killed my husband!'

Following the Jonas Brothers' joint appearance on the hilarious YouTube series Hot Ones, Priyanka Chopra herself finally hit up the show.

It was all part of a miniature segment on Thursday's Tonight Show, where Priyanka was joined by host Jimmy Fallon to put their taste buds to the test.

Hot Ones is a YouTube series where a variety of celebrities are interviewed by host Sean Evans as they down chicken wings doused in progressively spicier sauces. The results are often quite giggle-worthy.

Evans was around to grill both Priyanka and Jimmy as they went down the line consuming their respective chicken wings. Priyanka had some words for him when asked if she had ever seen the show, which the Jonas Brothers appeared on in May 2019.

"He almost killed my husband!" she exclaimed, referring to Nick Jonas nearly being unable to deal with some of the hotter wing sauces later on in the game. She, uh, also admitted that she had pushed Nick to go on the show in the first place, was kinda her fault.

"I did tell him that he needs to do this for the Indians. Now that he's married to my entire country, he needs to bring it home for us. So he really tried to get it," said Priyanka. "But after your show, it was a long conversation -- and a brutal three days." Ouch.

Both Priyanka and Jimmy ended up having a crying, shaking moment together when they finally reached the last wing of the segment, where "The Last Dab" hot sauce is introduced. Priyanka lost it, proclaiming "I can't even talk!" while Jimmy did his best to do a musical impression.

While this version of Hot Ones was nowhere near as long as a regular episode, we're really hoping Priyanka decides to tackle a complete one – if Nick did it, she should have to as well, right?