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Summer Walker Isn't Interested In Hearing Men Talk In 'Playing Games'

Bryson Tiller isn't in the video but his vocals offer a compelling outro

When you're Summer Walker, a dreamy singer who oozes prurience, the guys practically tumble into your doorway like zombies to shoot their shot. It gets boring though since they often aren't on her same wavelength. So in her new video for "Playing Games" from her recently released album, Over It, she deals with having a Rolodex of mundane saps who want her attention, but she really doesn't have anything to say to them.

Walker is dolled up and ready for a good time in "Playing Games." While the song is about a shady lover  (with some lyrics from Destiny Child's "Say My Name" cleverly ingrained in its backbone), the video finds the singer all dressed up with nowhere that she wants to go. Instead, the guys come to her and she handles them in ways that she sees fit. The first guy is tied up and suspended in mid-air above her couch while she lounges and talks on the phone. The second is immobilized in a chair with a cloth over his mouth, forbidding him from talking. She doesn't even give the third guy, anxious to make her happy with a bouquet of flowers, the time of day.

The last two guys probably have it the worst. The first of the two is strapped to a wall in the kitchen and gets a knife thrown at him, but it misses, narrowly. Then there's the final man, made to slide underwater in a bathtub with flower petals in it. Walker treats these guys like all of the others – as if they're dispensable. When Bryson Tiller's vocals come in, Walker retreats to her bed, realizing that none of the men are right for her, and decides to play some video games. She's content to spend some alone time with herself.

Walker dropped her sophomore studio album Over It earlier this month. She can count Drake as one of her fans; he sent her a direct message and let her know that the LP inspired him to record two new songs.

Watch Walker's wild video for "Playing Games" up above.