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Hear Lucy Dacus Put An Eerie Twist On A Classic '80s Power Anthem

Her rendition of 'In the Air Tonight' will turn your street lights out

The atmosphere of broiling dread in Lucy Dacus's new cover of Phil Collins's classic song, "In the Air Tonight," is bone-chilling and downright creepy. Dacus dropped the song today (October 8) and continues to show why she's one hell of a cover artist. Her whispers and skin-crawling timbre make your shoulders quiver, just in time for the year's creepiest season.

Dacus's cover stretches Collins's original until the bones pop out of place. There's mist in the immediate background and vengeful specters lurking in the tall grass before Dacus even begins her sinister singing that sounds like a whisper. From the moment she starts, the temperate, moist climate grows chillier and you can't quite shake the feeling that something's watching behind your left shoulder, somewhere in the distance.

She starts with mellow energy then eventually grows louder with the song's iconic drums — and zombies raise out of the ground. You back into a corner as they slowly lumber over to you with empty eyes before breaking into a sprint. You cover your eyes as Lucy practically screams the song to you, the roar of the drums and beastly guitar the only thing louder.

Lucy is preparing to release a new EP, 2019, on November 8. It will feature a new song, "Fool's Gold," along with a cover of "Last Christmas."

Listen to Lucy's supernatural rendition of "In the Air Tonight" up above.