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Taylor Swift Loved Playing 'Lover' 'The Way She Wrote It' On SNL

She also gave a shoutout to 'SNL' musical director Lenny Pickett

Over the weekend (October 5), Taylor Swift graced the Saturday Night Live stage with two very different performances – a soft and emotional rendition of "Lover" and a jazzy take on "False God." As much as fans were enthralled with Swift's varied efforts, it's great to know that she had just as much fun performing. She let fans know on Instagram just how good the experience was with a brief post that also shouted out Lenny Pickett, the musical director of the SNL band.

"Had the best time playing Lover on SNL exactly the way I wrote it, on piano in a quiet moment," she wrote. "And a huge thank you to Lenny Pickett for playing with us on False God!!" In addition to thanking her photographer, she also tasked her fans to tune in next week for Camila Cabello's performances.

Swift's SNL songs were both artistic trips. The live version of "Lover" was performed with a green piano and a backdrop of pages of sheet music suspended frozen in mid-air. "False God" was less emotional and more energetic. Swift stood on a misty stage while Pickett soothed with his saxophone and an array of backup vocalists warmed the chilly air.

Check out Swift's note and her performances up above.