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Thank Summer Walker For Inspiring Drake To Make Two New Songs

He REALLY loves her new album 'Over It'

Drake is really feeling Summer Walker's new album Over ItI mean, he's really feeling it — so much so that after taking some time to digest its feels, he's already recorded two new songs inspired by the LP. At 7:30 in the morning. If that's not an epic cosign, I don't know what is.

Walker recently posted a screen grab of her conversation with Drake after the rapper hopped in her DMs to tell her just how good the album was. He mentioned "Fun Girl" by name, followed by 33 surprised emojis (yes, I counted). After Walker thanked him for his support, he responded by still being baffled. "Nah wtf," he wrote. "U snapped." He continued: "Just made me write two songs its 7:30 am here," before ending with, "Album crazy."

If you're keeping track, these two new Over It-inspired songs make up half of the four new songs that Drizzy's released in the past few months. In June, he dropped "Omertá" and "Money in the Grave" with Rick Ross. A few days after sharing the tracks, he posted that he was in "album mode" on Instagram.

Check out Drake's extreme giddiness after listening to Walker's new album up above.