Under Arrest: Should Teen Mom 2's Jade Bail Her Mother Out Of Prison?

As of now, the odds seem slim

Jade has had difficulty relying on her mom Christy for any kind of assistance -- and during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode, the mother-daughter duo suffered a serious setback because Christy and Jade's stepdad Corey were arrested.

But before she even found out the incident, Jade was venting her frustrations about her mother's inability to be there for her and her little girl Kloie.

"I can't continue to act like everything's okay. I'm just going to put my foot down and [say] you can't come around me or my family, because you guys are so foregone, you need to get your sh*t together," she told her sister Sammy regarding Christy and Corey.

And everything was far from okay: Shortly after this candid conversation, Jade got a call from Christy and learned her mother was in the county jail.

"What the f*ck? You're in jail?" Jade asked Christy, who was pleading for bond money.

Christy did not specify why she was locked up, while Jade stressed she did not have the funds ($500) and would "need to figure it out."

"Mom, I'm going to do what I can do," she concluded.

And later, Jade found out the charges via her aunt Kim.

"Your dad is locked up for possession of marijuana, possession of controlled substances, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia. Your mom has possession of paraphernalia, possession of controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine," Kim told Jade.

"Yup, they're f*cked," a resigned Jade stated. "I don't have to worry about tonight and where she'll be."

But even so, Jade was not about to put up the cash to free Christy.

"She's my mom. I love my mom, but I'm not about to go bail her out of jail so she can be on the streets," she told her friend Chau. "[She's] going to go to court, and they're going to give [her] time. [She is] not getting out of this this time. [She has] two felonies and misdemeanors. She is going to sit and do time."

But what do you think -- should Jade bail her mom out? Tell us what you'd do, then see what unfolds on the next Teen Mom 2 episode on Tuesday at 8/7c.