YouTube/FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs's Belly Button Comes Alive In 'Home With You'

She directed the literally eye-opening visual

FKA Twigs's new single from her forthcoming album Magdalene, "Home With You," has arrived with an unsettling video about partying and... something else. The singer directed the freaky film and makes it a "hold my beer" exercise in creating the weirdest clip possible. The song "Home With You" is dainty and an ethereal ball of whispers, so it only makes sense that the accompanying visual is damn near the exact opposite. Try as you may, you might not be able to make sense of it. But then again, when have FKA Twigs's videos ever been designed to make sense unless you think outside of the box?

"Home With You" starts off regularly enough. FKA Twigs is having the time of her life in a hot party where she watches booties bounce and bodies percolate; so far, it's a regular night with the singer having a good time. Then she hops in the car with her friends – a gang of girls with eyeballs painted on their eyelids – who begin dancing and floating while they're supposed to be driving. Like, hands off the wheel, making V-shapes and dangling their arms off the side of the car instead of watching the road and applying hands to the wheel. (Imagine being in the car behind them and seeing this. You'd call your car insurance company ASAP.)

Somehow, they successfully drive through the night before ending up in a Midsommar-like field of white outfits and creepy people without voices. At this point, FKA Twigs is the only one left. She sprints across a field and into a forest, eventually wading through water in a huge, wedding-like dress. She pulls a child out of a well and then shows the kid her belly button which opens its eye. The video ends with that, leaving us, and we presume many others, with a ton of questions.

Magdalene is set to drop on November 8. FKA Twigs released the first single, "Cellophane" in April with a video featuring a magnificent and complex pole-dancing routine. Last month, she dropped "Holy Terrain" with Future.

Watch the wicked video for "Home With You" up above.