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Taylor Swift On The Verge Of Tears Over A Banana After LASIK Is Hilariously Relatable

'It wasn't the one I wanted'

Get ready for one of the most relatable things you're going to see all day. It involves Taylor Swift and a bunch of bananas.

During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonJimmy Fallon himself surprised Taylor with a clip she apparently didn't even know existed. Her shock is palpable as he introduces it to her, in fact.

Fallon can hardly contain his laughter as he announces to Taylor that, thanks to her mom, he's he's gotten his hands on a clip of her right after her Lasik surgery.

Clad in what appears to be a soft, comfy Groot sweater, Taylor has made her way to the kitchen in the clip while wearing a protective eye mask. Still very obviously disoriented and loopy, she grabs some bananas and very carefully breaks one off of the bunch.

"She found a snack," her mom says as Taylor immediately looks as though she's about to bawl.

"It wasn't the one I wanted," she laments, sounding as if she's just witnessed an actual atrocity. The crowd in attendance breaks into uproarious laughter as Taylor nearly breaks into tears, which her mom warns her not to do after surgery. It's Mom to the rescue, as she tries to help Taylor pick the banana she did want instead. Unfortunately, the banana she did grab is now left, and Taylor has so much trouble dealing.

"But what do we do with this now? It doesn't have a head," she murmurs, looking as though she's in over her head. By the end of the clip, Taylor has wandered into bed with banana in tow as her mom warns her not to fall asleep while eating her fruit snack. An obviously still-groggy Taylor replies "I'm not asleep. My mind is alive."

Honestly, who hasn't felt on the verge of tears when they chose the wrong banana? Taylor Swift, our relatable queen.