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Not Even A Wedding Will Stop Justin And Hailey Bieber's Social Media PDA

'We're married now. No more love now'

Justin and Hailey Bieber have only been "officially married" for about two days, and they're already serving us some deliciously adorable content.

Justin filmed a cute little clip, capturing Hailey as she showers him with kisses. In the video, he jokingly pushes her off of him, saying "Get off of me!" as Hailey giggles.

"We're married now. No more love now," Justin jokes. "That's what happens, you get married and everything..." Justin trailed off as Hailey put on an epic pout face.

"Oh, I'm just kidding," Justin said in a baby voice, which may be one of the cutest things you'll here today.

"You're being mean to me," pouted Hailey. Note: Never make Hailey upset, even when you're just playing pretend. You may not be able to stand the consequences. The clip ends there. So ends another exciting episode of the Justin and Hailey Bieber PDA Hour.

The pair finally tied the knot on Monday at the gorgeous Palmetto Bluff venue in Bluffton, South Carolina following their initial courthouse wedding earlier. The ceremony was fire, just like Justin called his bride, the guest list was awesome, and it looks like it was definitely the event to be at...on a Monday at that.

Meanwhile, we're still reeling over the big wedding bash, patiently awaiting any of the new snaps that might come to light from the event. When celebs get married twice (looking at you, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas!) it's always a spectacle. But all joking aside, congratulations again to the happy couple.

Please continue making and sharing these incredibly sweet little videos so we can know exactly what it's like to be ridiculously in love like you are!