Reunion Special: Who's Still Together From Ex On The Beach Season 3?

The cast gave some major updates (and got some sh*t off their chests)

More people coupled up this season on Ex on the Beach than ever before -- singles Kenya (with Tevin), Lexi (with Max), Billy (with Emily and Tyler) and Cameron (with Alexis) rekindled with their former partners, while Devin (with Shannon), Geles (with Anthony) and Mechie (with Ariana) found love with their next. And then there was Aubrey and Mark, who crushed themselves but departed together...

But did the connections actually persevere outside of the relationsh*t show? Well, not exactly. During tonight's reunion, the OG singles and their former flames gathered to provide some messy updates post-surf and sand.

Cameron and Alexis were going strong (he even met her parents!), but he stated that because of his finances, he had to stay in the same apartment as his ex his roomie Ariana. Cameron also admitted he still loved Ariana, so that really confirmed that things are over with Alexis. No showers between the roommates either (and no romance).

Which brings us to Ariana and Michie: They "fizzled out" a month after the show, but he "had relations" with his ex Danielle the night after he had sex with Ariana for the first time. Boy moves fast?

Next: Aubrey, Mark and Coffey. Both women called Mark "the biggest actor on the show," with Aubrey calling him the "most negative, nasty human I've ever met in my entire life." Yeah, so Mark and Aubrey are definitely not having sex until she finds her next (but they did have a back and forth about when they did it on the show). Mark had "unresolved feelings" for his ex Elena, but they are "totally done" (even though he still has feelings for his Big Brother housemate). Coffey? She's Aubrey's "soulmate," but Aubrey could not say definitively what the future holds.

Moving on: Lexi and Max are going "strong," but the same can't be said for Kenya and Tevin. Distance (the culprit for their initial split), was once again the downfall for the Are You the One? perfect match. Billy, Emily and Tyler did not last either but are the friendliest exes of the bunch. Plus, Billy is seeing a new girl!

And then there's the big web of Devin, Marie, Shannon, Anthony M, Geles and Anthony B. Marie threw a pillow at Devin when he tried to explain that his fellow Challenge cohort was never in the friend zone (with some pie charts to boot), so no improvements since her abrupt exit. Anthony M was blindsided that his ex Shannon hooked up with his best friend in the house (Devin) -- but she's not with either of them now. Except Anthony M really wanted to be back with Shannon, so he offered a heartfelt apologies for his past behaviors. But his affectionate display wasn't enough: Shannon wasn't ready to commit and needed more time to make a decision.

Last, but certainly not least: Anthony M's ex Geles, who was with Anthony B the last time we saw her. Girl has a thing for Anthonys. Anyway, Geles and Anthony B haven't closed the chapter per say, but the mileage between 'em isn't helping matters.

And that's that. Only one couple, Lexi and Max, are still EOTB lovebirds. So did you think the reunion had any shockers, or were you expecting these outcomes? Sound off, and stay with MTV News for Ex on the Beach updates!