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Beanie Feldstein's Girlfriend Made Her Understand 'Why People Write' Love Songs

She's head over heels

Actress Beanie Feldstein has finally found true love, and she's shouting it from the rooftops.

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue for the magazine's October 2019 cover, Feldstein gushed about meeting her girlfriend, producer Bonnie Chance Roberts, on the set of her upcoming film How to Build a Girl.

Feldstein discussed a variety of topics within her lengthy profile, but perhaps one of thee most intriguing tidbits was how brother Jonah Hill used to tease her about being the "Dexter of relationships." This dig, comparing her to Michael C. Hall's titular character on Showtime's dark drama Dexter, implied that she was "icy" toward anyone she had been in a relationship with up for quite some time.

It was apparently all for a reason, though. Feldstein just wasn't interested in romance, or so she thought.

"It just wasn’t something I thought about or craved,” she told Teen Vogue. But when she met Roberts, everything suddenly changed. “Whoa! Now I get it…. I get why people write songs," she exclaimed.

"Not to sound flippant, but I was in love with her and all of her, and she’s a woman,” said Feldstein of how she experienced falling for someone so totally and dramatically. "That’s not scaring me or deterring me. And it wasn’t just women in general; it was her specifically."

Feldstein delved into her sexuality a bit further in the story, stating that she doesn't feel "attached" to any one label to describe her orientation, though she did acknowledge the importance and power of queer celebrities and those in the LGBTQ communities to secure their own identities in the space.

We can't wait to hear more about Feldstein's adventures with Roberts, and all the other parts of their relationship that continue to melt through the actress's "ice," showing her how amazing it can be when you find the right person. It's truly magical!