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Justin And Hailey Bieber Finally Had Their Beautiful, Official Wedding

So nice they did it twice

JustinΒ and Hailey Bieber just tied the knot on Monday (September 30) in a lavish South Carolina ceremony.

Now, if that sentence reads strangely to you, it might very well be because, yes, the pair were already married. But where's the fun in a simple courthouse ceremony when you're one of the biggest pop stars on the planet?

After teasing fans for what felt like an eternity, the pair finally headed over to Palmetto Bluff, a private hotel that they rented out completely for the event, after they "fell in love" with the venue and the area. If you take a look at the hotel, you can certainly see why. It's positively picturesque.

While the pair kept the affair mostly private, keeping the amount of wedding photos and other surprises to a minimum on social media, other attendees did the posting for them. One such partygoer, hospitality entrepreneur Dave Grutman, took a few photos to give us a sneak peek at what went on inside.

Justin himself shared a sweet snap of a romantic kiss between him and Hailey, and it's so romantic you may just be swept off your feet.

"My bride is πŸ”₯," he wrote alongside the fun photo booth images. He also took to Instagram to show everyone that he had bought himself a "lil wedding gift" in celebration of the event. Go on, Justin!

Of course, the guest list was off the chain, including celebrities like Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Justine Skye. We would love to see exactly what everyone got up to, especially with snaps like a jewel-encrusted bottle of Moet & Chandon with "The Biebers 9.30.19" appearing on Instagram by way of Skye.


We totally understand the desire to keep such an event private, given all the public attention both Justin and Hailey get on a daily basis. But from these brief sneak peeks, we can't help but wish we had been a fly on the wall for this romantic event.

Congratulations again, Justin and Hailey! We can't wait to see more candid snaps.