'He's Going To Kill Me': Too Stupid To Die's Chad Is Going Tattoo Far With Zach

But which of the pranksters will one up the other?

"When you do pranks for a living, is there such a thing as tattoo far?"

Yes there is, Nico Tortorella. In a sneak peek of this week's How Far Is Tattoo Far?, Zach and Chad from Too Stupid To Die are going to try to one up each other with their ink.

Remember: These are the same dudes who lit themselves with fireworks and walked across a balance beam with rat traps below. And Zach's tattoo artist Jordan thinks Chad is "kind of being a dick" and maybe going a bit too far.

"He's going to kill me!" Chad says in disbelief after he sees the design for Zach.

How does Chad describe the mysterious sketch? And what is Zach's objective with his tat? Watch the clip, and don't miss the entire How Far Is Tattoo Far? installment tonight at 10/9c.