Maluma And J Balvin Have A Night To Remember In 'Qué Pena'

This is one hell of a celebration

Maluma and J Balvin have dropped a so fresh and so clean clean (not a typo) video for "Qué Pena." Join the reggaeton stars for a night of celebration as they dance the night away in some of the cleanest outfits and coolest hairdos that you'll ever see. This is one night that we wish that we wouldn't have missed.

"Qué Pena" starts with Maluma and J Balvin getting ready to celebrate a nice night "for the culture." Maluma opens the video up as he stands in front of a mirror, checking out his iced-out wrists, with the sharpest haircut, ready to take over whatever room that he steps into. Balvin is already dressed and ready to go, recording a video before the fun begins.

The two pull up in expensive cars and get their night started at a massive ballroom where people dance and flirt under flashing lights, candle-lit tables with drinks, and gold statues. It's a night to be remembered. As the two settle into the funky groove with their silky deliveries, the story follows them bringing back two dates to a hotel to get to know them and see what unfolds. It's steamy and hot, and the night ends with all smiles as they wipe the dirt off of each other's expensive outfits.

"Qué Pena" marks the first collaboration between the two Colombian artists. In May, Maluma released his fourth studio album, 11:11

Watch Maluma and J Balvin's magnificent night up above.