Could Kailyn's Trip To Hawaii Land Her Behind Bars On Teen Mom 2?

One person potentially has the answer: her ex Jo

Kailyn and Leah are ready for another Teen Mom 2 getaway, and the MTV mamas are bringing their kids for the Hawaiian adventure. But could Kail find herself in legal trouble for going out of town -- and potentially in jail?

Before jumping to this startling query, here's the tale. Kail planned the getaway with her boys to the Aloha State, and Javi and Chris were on board with their sons attending. But there was an issue with Isaac's availability.

"I had asked Jo to go to Hawaii, and I'm entitled to vacation days as long as I give notice," Kail said in a phone call to Leah. "But I did not include the first week of July because it was my week, and come to find out, the Fourth of July is his holiday."

Kail admitted her error to her ex and offered to trade for another holiday (even Christmas), but Jo refused.

"I basically said, 'I f*cked up. Can I just trade you a holiday or give you Christmas?' And he said no," Kail revealed.

Kail's attorney's take?

"He said if Jo's going to file contempt, worst-case scenario, I could get a fine or go to jail," she continued to Leah. "I said, 'F*ck it.'"

Finally, when it came time to go to the airport, Kail wasn't even sure if Jo knew about the plans and felt like the two were going backward in their co-parenting efforts.

"It's so crazy because for the [man] I had the oldest child with, and we have come so far, why now are we f*cking backtracking?" Kail vented to her friends. "It's not about you, Jo, it's about Isaac."

Speaking of her eldest, what did he desire?

"I asked him, 'What do you want to do for Fourth of July? Do you want to go have a barbecue with your dad or do you want to go to Hawaii?' There's no comparison," Kail stated. "But I said, 'If your dad talks about it, don't lie to him, but also don't bring it up to your dad because you don't need to be in the middle of this.'"

She concluded: "So, for me, I'm just going to pick him up at 6 o'clock and then go on our merry way to the airport."

And that she did: The installment ended with clan en route to catch their flight. How will Jo react? And what will happen with Kail? Keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c to find out.