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Billie Eilish Jokingly Advises Bhad Bhabie To 'Watch The Road' During Her Videos

Be careful, Bhad Bhabie!

Billie Eilish has Bhad Bhabie's best interests at heart, especially when it comes to driving.

Bhad Bhabie took to her Instagram account to post a quick clip or her doing what she does best: rapping, even though she wasn't flexing with one of her own songs.

“I swear me and @thestallion b thinking the same shit...get out of my head sis,” she captioned her clip, which finds her lip syncing along to "bestie" Megan Thee Stallion's 2018 track "Freak Nasty" while in what looks like a moving car. However, she's not looking anywhere in front of her and instead into her phone's camera.

In swoops Billie with some hilarious advice for Bhad Bhabie: "bitch watch the road," a comment which has since racked up thousands of likes. Now, to be fair, the "Lotta Dem" rapper probably wasn't driving here – or if she was, the angle's all wrong. But it's still good advice, nevertheless!

But let's talk shop, though. We already know Bhad Bhabie killed it with Megan Thee Stallion on the uplifting female friendship anthem "Bestie," so maybe it's time for Billie to enter the mix. Megan dropped in to give the track some extra oomph, so it would certainly be interesting to hear the two stars, Billie and Bhad Bhabie, come together one one of Billie's old hits or vice versa. could happen, right?