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Lil Nas X Gets A Hilarious Scare While Chatting With Ellen

'Nobody's in this box, no?'

Can't nobody scare him with nothin'? That doesn't appear to be the case with Lil Nas X, who got more than he bargained for on a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The rapper took to the show to discuss some of the most incredible moments throughout his meteoric rise to fame as well as his sexuality. Previously, Lil Nas X had confirmed he was gay earlier this year with a tweet on World Pride Day back on June 30.

“Just knowing it was something that I should have done,” he said of telling the world. “But I was in a position where I had to worry about family and friends and how they would react. But in the past year, I’m on a new level, so it doesn’t really matter, I guess."

He also indicated how it would be "good for the youngins" listening to him on the show who also may be dealing with the same situation to "know that it's alright." He didn't shy away from Ellen's question on whether he was seeing someone, either, to which he replied: "Somewhat."

But before the pair got into the meat of the discussion, Nas was already suspicious that Ellen would try to scare him, which is something we already know she tends to do with guests on her show. There was a box between Nas and Ellen that, obviously, didn't seem just "right."

“Nobody’s in this box, no?” he said, as Ellen continually assured him that there wasn't. That didn't mean much though, when Billy Ray Cyrus himself jumped out of the box to scare the living daylights out of poor Nas. After some enormous laughs between the pair, Ellen explained herself in a hilarious way.

“During rehearsal, you said, ‘No one’s going to scare me, right?’ and we had no intention until you said that,” said Ellen. “You set the intention.”

Lesson learned here: If you're set to chat with Ellen, just don't bring up the scares. Don't do it! You see how it went for Nas here. Or on second thought...maybe you should. You can't go wrong with these side-splitting results.