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Lizzo Reacts To Scoring The Longest-Running No. 1 By A Solo Female Rapper

'Don't run away from what your heart wants. Follow that bitch to ur destiny.'

Lizzo's that chick, 100 percent. She's been that chick. But she's now really that legendary chick with the reveal that her epic self-love anthem "Truth Hurts" has landed her a special achievement as revealed by Billboard: after four weeks on top of the Hot 100 Chart, the record has become the longest-leading rap No. 1 song to not have any features. Lil Nas X isn't the only one breaking Billboard records in 2019. Lizzo is snapping them in half, equally as hard, holding their pulsating hearts between her teeth.

Lizzo, understandably excited to snag a feat before artists like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, took to Twitter for a sincere message to fans about the perseverance it takes to achieve something of this magnitude. "Truth Hurts is officially the longest solo female rap #1 in history," she wrote. "I fell in love with music when I was 9 years old... I had no idea our love affair would go this far. Good to know it was all worth it. Don't run away from what your heart wants. Follow that bitch to ur destiny." She posted it with an adorable childhood picture that was meshed together with her holding a picture of the Hot 100 chart. It was as if to say that her childhood self would be more than proud.

Lizzo gave an epic performance of "Truth Hurts" and "Good As Hell" at the 2019 VMAs. She dropped her third studio album Cuz I Love You in  April.

Check out Lizzo's social media acceptance speech up above.