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Mariah Carey Grants Us An Early Christmas Gift With Classic Holiday Album Reissue

'Merry Christmas' is out on November 1

It’s nearly October. That means it’s almost time for glasses of egg nog spilling over, rummaging through bags of candy to eat the last few Hershey kisses, and struggling to put up Christmas lights in windows around the house without tape, because you forgot to get some at the store. Drink another glass of egg nog, the regret will go away. What better to score this amazing time of year than Mariah Carey’s classic Merry Christmas holiday album? This year, for the 25th anniversary, Carey has announced that a new edition of the LP will be dropping in time for the holiday season on November 1. And with it, some other goodies that will be sure to bring some additional holiday cheer.

Everyone's heard Merry Christmas to some degree; whether you’re in a department store browsing for purses or watching your favorite rom-com while eating some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. It’s a classic staple of the times, and it’s awesome that it’s coming back out. This new version will feature a bonus disc that has her live 1994 set at the New York Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. There’s also a new version of “Sugar Plum Fairy” along with other remixes. Over on her website, you’ll find associated merch such as a beanie hat with a fur ball on top, a stocking with her logo etched across the entire thing, shirts, and hoodies that pay homage to the original 1994 masterpiece.

Mariah Carey took to Instagram with the special announcement that she spelled out in red lipstick on a mirror, listening to the music and nearly jumping for joy. “I’m very excited about it,” she said, gathering her breath. “I can’t wait for you guys to see all of the new stuff.”

Check out Mariah Carey’s announcement up above.