Elsa Seeks The Truth Behind Her Magic In New Frozen 2 Trailer

It's time for answers

Ever since Disney released the first official trailer for Frozen 2 back in February, fans of the original movie have been desperately seeking answers about what lies beyond Arendelle. And while we certainly don't have all the answers quite yet, Disney did come through with another official trailer today (September 23), which provides some much-needed insight about what we can expect from the upcoming movie.

Despite being visually stunning, we can probably all agree that the initial trailer didn't reveal much about the highly anticipated sequel. All it really showed was that Anna and Elsa would be leaving Arendelle and going on some grand adventure. This new trailer, however, expands on Anna and Elsa's journey to the Enchanted Forest — a place they learned about as kids. So, why did they go? Great question!

Based on this latest trailer, it's apparent that Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf make the trek to the enchanted forest for several reasons. Not only are they seeking the truth behind Elsa's magical powers, but they also want to know why the forest separated itself from the rest of the world, and why no one could get in or out prior to Elsa's arrival. On their journey, they meet several new characters, from Mattias, voiced by Sterling K. Brown, to Anna and Elsa's mother, Iduna, voiced by Evan Rachel Wood.

Like you, we're very curious for Anna, Elsa, and the rest of the crew to discover the answers they're so desperately seeking. But their journey doesn't come without many challenges. And yes, things will get dangerous. What does the discovery of this new land and these new people mean for Elsa? Will she leave behind Arendelle forever? At this point, the ending is unclear, but what we do know is that Anna will be by her side and once again act as the voice of reason... as any sister would.

Frozen 2 hits theaters on November 22.