Why Is This Ghosted Victim The One Who's Apologizing?

Kayla wants some answers in the next episode of 'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing'

Kayla is heartbroken -- and she's on a quest to mend her soul when she appears on Ghosted: Love Gone Missing.

In a sneak peek of the detective-like series, Kayla reveals that she fell deeply for a man named Shawn.

"As much as I hate to admit it, I kinda-probably fell in love with him a little bit," she tells hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills in the video above. "Just a little bit. I don't like to admit it."

From there, she admits she "shouldn't have been stupid about it."

"I'm sorry," she states, while wiping her tears.

But what is the backstory with Shawn? How did the two meet -- and why is she so determined to get closure? Watch the clip, and do not miss the entire installment of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing tonight at 9/8c.