Who Gave A Crush To Their Ex -- And Who Left The Beach With Their Next?

That's a wrap on Season 3 of 'Ex on the Beach'

The sun has set on another Ex on the Beach season -- and during tonight's finale, the singles and a crop of their former flames were forced to make a decision about where they wanted their respective connections to go post-relationsh*t show. Bye paradise, hello real life.

There were love triangles that came to a close (or did they?), men and women leaving on their own, and a surprise cameo from Marie. Who wound up back with their ex -- and who took a chance with their next? Check out a roundup of the last Crush ceremony below, share which outcome surprised you the most and don't miss the Ex on the Beach reunion next Thursday at 9/8c.

  • They really are perfect for each other, and Kenya gifted her crush necklace to "this fine-ass man." We're looking forward to seeing the Kaplan twins as flower girls someday.

  • Lexi and Max (and Allie)

    Lexi was ready to leave with Max -- and she had Allie's full support. "It's what's in her heart ,and I will always stand by her side," Allie offered. SISTERS (and Max).

  • Billy wanted to be with both -- and they both obliged. Tyler summed up the circumstances well: "I think we'll have to take it day by day to see where it goes."

  • Anthony admitted he wasn't ready for a monogamous relationship, but he was ready to make "adjustments" for the OG single. And even though she was "so down" to crush herself, she wound up bestowing the jewelry to him. Call it a "last minute change up" (thanks, Terrence!).

  • Cameron stated that he loved both women, but he opted to give his necklace to Alexis. Still, there was a twist: "When I am the man you deserve, I would love to be there for you," he stated. And Alexis was delighted with the outcome.

  • Devin certainly felt the pressure, and he was not his typical funny self at the concluding evening. He expressed he "didn't know what to do," but chose to "give it a shot" with Shannon. "It's like the first time you actually made me cry. He normally makes me laugh!" she exclaimed. Eventually, there were chuckles -- and kisses.

  • Michie, Ariana and Danielle

    Michie found his Queen in Ariana -- and he even said he wanted to make Ariana his wife one day! On the flip side, Danielle was saddened -- but insisted everything "happens for a reason."

  • Last, but certainly not least, these three. First, Aubrey rejected Coffey. Then she gifted the necklace to herself -- and subsequently Mark picked himself. But there were only two cars for the trio, so Aubrey and Mark hitched a ride together. "I definitely want to keep having sex with you until I find my next," she told him. Coffey's exit? Marie was the driver -- gangsta rap and lipstick included.