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Stop Panicking, Joe Keery's Old Hair Is Back

All is now right with the world

Stranger Things star Joe Keery, also known as Steve Harrington, got bangs.

It was the end of an era. People lost their minds, taking to Twitter and denouncing Keery's new "bowl cut" hairstyle. Fans were left shaken by the drastic change, because he looked like a totally different person.

Now, those bangs are gone. RIP? Actually, it's a cause to celebrate, according to the same fans who were absolutely aflutter about the change. Maybe he never got bangs in the first place, though. It could be that he's just styled his hair differently than he did the day we all thought he had chopped off his gorgeous locks, and we all panicked over nothing. Either way, rejoice, because Joe's looking like his "normal" self again.


Keery, 27, was recently spotted shopping in Beverly Hills with girlfriend Maika Monroe, where he looked exactly like his old self again. His hair was tousled up with plenty of volume, and he looked like the Steve everyone knows and loves. Not that the hair makes the person, but apparently the change was so traumatic to fans no one could stop talking about it over the course of several days.

As we said before, a man's entitled to change up his hair! Maybe he just got tired of putting what has to be a metric ton of product in his hair. We don't know, but that day's fashion decision absolutely shook up the delicate balance of fandom. Now that Joe's hair is back, what other positive, amazing things are going to happen in the universe today?

We don't know, but hopefully this little incident taught everyone something: it's just hair, and hair can be styled in a ton of different ways. And now we know that if ever Joe wants to go off the grid and have a career where he's completely unrecognizable, he can certainly do that.