'I Was Living A Lie': This Man Just Revealed Why He Ghosted His Girlfriend

See what went down in this sneak peek of MTV's 'Ghosted: Love Gone Missing'

Russell and Destiney were in a committed relationship -- until he ghosted her. And now he wants to clear the air with his ex.

In a sneak peek of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing, the tables have turned, and it isn't the haunted contacting hosts Rachel Lindsay and Travis Mills for support. "Wait a minute" is right, Rachel!

"I ghosted my girlfriend Destiney two years ago," Russell reveals in the clip of the upcoming episode. "About a year or two into our relationship, I started battling with my sexuality. I realized that I was living a lie."

What did Russell do next -- and why is Rachel declaring "I was not ready for that!"? Peep the video, and do not miss the entire installment of Ghosted: Love Gone Missing tonight at 9/8c!