This Woman Is Going Tattoo Far To Prove She's The HBIC

The inked-up MTV series returns tonight

For best friends Gerrica and Riley, there can only be one head bitch in charge. And the latter is about to use some permanent ink to show who reigns supreme.

In a sneak peek of the MTV series How Far Is Tattoo Far? -- returning tonight -- the women are forced to explain what their intentions are with the undeniably shocking tats they'll design for each other.

"With this tattoo, I'm setting the record straight that I'm the HBIC, and there is no doubt about who is in charge here," Riley declares in the clip above. Bow down?

How does Gerrica respond? And who is "going gnarlier" with their ink? Watch the girls tell all to hosts Nico Tortorella and Justina Valentine, below, and don't miss brand-new episodes of How Far Is Tattoo Far? tonight at 10/9c.