Daybreak Brings The Zombie Apocalypse To High School

When high school really is the end of the world

They say problems in high school aren't the end of the world, but what about when they literally are?

Netflix's upcoming series Daybreak is ready to bring the zombie apocalypse to a group of high schoolers in Glendale, California. After nuclear war transforms the landscape into an irradiated wasteland, it's up to the high school students left behind to group up into Mad Max-esque gangs in a bid to protect themselves and survive.

It sounds bleak, but it looks anything but. Netflix describes it as "part samurai saga, part endearing coming-of-age story, and part Battle Royale." From the look of the teaser trailer, it certainly looks like the series is going to feature plenty of hilarious run-ins with the teen cliques, plenty of gore (there are zombies, after all), and a battle for supremacy that might even give Game of Thrones a run for its money.

Among the teens vying for supremacy are Josh Wheeler (Colin Ford), Wesley Fists (Austin Crude) and Angelica Green (Alyvia Alyn Lind), who warns audiences (affectionally referred to as "douchewaffles" to "strap in."

"Shit's about to get weird," says Wesley. Weird is good. And it looks like Daybreak has it in droves.

Glendale High School's principal Michael Burr (Matthew Broderick, naturally) sets the tone before things fall into crisis. We get brief glimpses of what school was like in simpler times, before the blast, and before the candy-colored wasteland took hold. It's not exactly clear why normal life suddenly devolved into such a terror-laden nightmare or where all the adults are, but that will likely be explained in detail when the show finally hits Netflix.

"With a winning attitude, you can conquer the world,” says Burr. Yeah, that and a chainsaw, probably. You can catch all 10 episodes of Daybreak when they debut on Netflix this October 24.