'We're In A Good Place': Will Teen Mom 2's Leah And Jeremy DTR?

According to Addie's parents, 'whatever happens happens'

Leah and Jeremy are "co-parenting one hundred percent" -- but is something more romantic unfolding between Addie's parents?

During tonight's episode, the former couple -- who divorced several years ago -- united once again for their daughter as she had some medical tests for swollen glands and lymph nodes. While Addie's prognosis was good (no biopsy was needed, and the irregularity was due to a recent bout of mono), the two reflected on the experience post-appointment.

"It was scary," Leah told Jeremy. "Cancer does run in your side of the family. At the end of the day, we always do what's best for her."

Jeremy agreed, and Leah expressed her satisfaction about their current rapport.

"We're in a good place," the mother of three gushed. "We get along. Whatever happens happens."

"There's no sense in forcing something," Jeremy replied.

The exes -- who "hit it off" at the TM2 reunion and Leah "snuck in" to her room the morning after -- are making it clear that "whatever happens happens." But is something going to happen? The communication is much better than it has ever been -- and Leah has openly wondered if there is more in store for them. One thing is for sure: Addie would certainly support a reconciliation between her mom and dad.

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