Fans Are Still Upset That Joe Keery Got Bangs

It's the end of a hair-a.

We've traveled to the Upside Down. Joe Keery no longer has his beautiful, lustrous mullet.

Yes, the Stranger Things star has caused quite the commotion, rocking the internet with a drastic new look, and people are still reeling from seeing the change. Honestly, we're kinda feeling the same way.

Getty Images

On Friday (September 13), photos surfaced of Keery rocking a new hair style: a bowl cut with bangs. It's definitely a Look, we'll say that, but it's a far cry from the iconic mullet he had previously sported. It was wild. It couldn't be tamed, and that's why we loved it so. And when the first look at his new 'do hit the internet, fans had plenty to say about it.

Fast forward a few days, and people still can't get over Joe's (admittedly shocking) change. Now that folks are coming back to the internet after likely being away from the computer for a while over the weekend, they're either finding out for the first time...or reliving the fresh horror that is the massive difference in looks for the star.

Some are calling him the "cool uncle" who found himself transformed into the "creepy uncle." Others (very wittily) joked that Joe would be playing Will Byers next season, which definitely made us chuckle. And some fans were straight up honest: they really, really don't like this new hairstyle, guys.

But no matter how you feel about the new look, it's just hair. Joe's entitled to a change if he wants it. And even if it doesn't look how you want it to, he might be loving it and totally feeling himself. Most importantly, remember – hair will grow back!

Rest assured, Steve Harrington fans. It might take a while for things to start feeling normal again, but we'll all get there together.