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Rick Ross Is So Rich That He Doesn't Even Need Lights In 'Gold Roses' Video

His chains, teeth, and ceiling of gold flowers light the way for him

With each new song and video, Rick Ross unlocks new levels of luxury. In his latest, he's so rich that he doesn't need lights; his bright shirts, chains, and shining teeth illuminate any room that he's in. Drake's verse isn't on the song this time, but in its place, an intense fascination with gold, shadows, and peace. In lieu of an inspirational TED Talk, watch "Gold Roses." You'll get the same amount of ingenuity in a much shorter time.

"Gold Roses" is one of the rare videos where you can pause it at any point and get a great snapshot. Whether it's Ross immersed in shadows in a long hallway, a base of golden roses dangling upside down, or a cave wall with golden stalagmites made of roses and a woman lounging peacefully in a golden bathtub, Ross makes it clear that this life is more than anyone could ever dream of.

Drake's chorus plays as a smooth transition from the four walls of an immense fortress of wealth to a night time ride in an old school car. Ross again spits a lullaby of sorts that soothes as he brags, letting you know that you, too, can have this lifestyle. But until you get it, it's nice to hear and see just how awesome it is.

"Gold Roses" appears on Ross's latest album, Port Of Miami 2The LP, that came out last month, features Nipsey Hussle, Swizz Beatz, and more.

Watch Rick Ross relax harder than anyone ever in "Gold Roses" up above.