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Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Make Out On Instagram To, Uh, Prove A Point?

'We just want to show you how we really kiss'

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have seen the comments. They know you don't think they're really a couple. They know you think they have "weird" kisses. Instead of getting mad about it though, they've decided to poke fun at it in, well, a bit of an odd way.

Mendes took to Instagram with a lengthy clip demonstrating how he and his lover apparently "really" kiss, with an exaggerated makeout session that we truly hope isn't how they actually do it. It's clearly a joke that's more than a little, uh, rough.

"So we saw on Twitter and stuff you guys saying stuff about the way we're kissing and how it looks weird, like we kiss like fish," Mendes explains.

"Yeah, really hurt our feelings," agrees Camila.

"So we just want to show you how we really kiss," Shawn says in this clip before the two really start going at it. And by going at it, we mean in a sort of piranha swarming fresh meat kind of way. The two start "kissing" as Camila essentially slides her tongue into Shawn's mouth. It is literally the most awkward thing we may have ever seen, send help. That's the point of course, but it really must be seen to be believed.

It's all in a bid to shut down the haters who think the couple aren't really an item, or are doing it for publicity, but all this video really does, honestly, is make things look a bit stranger. But as they insist, they're deeply in love with each other – and we're definitely not here to suggest otherwise!

But aside from being some hilarious content to take in, it's truly difficult to watch. Okay, guys. No one's going to accuse you of kissing "like fish" any more after this...probably. They're just going to have a whole new set of questions instead.